BIND and manual configuration

So much for a first post but this is how I find my self looking for some help.

I am looking to use BIND, a part from acting as my local nameserver for my home network, as a highly effective adblocking measure by having a zone file with a list of domains act as my blacklist.

It needs to be said that I am new to handling BIND but has at least spent the last 10 hours trying to put this together myself so everything works (read simple lookups and local queries) - it does what I want it to do when I do it from the YaST interface. But it is limited so I thought I would edit the files manually which it either ignores it or just revokes.

Is there some trick to handling, importing or editing BIND config and zone files in openSUSE? It’s slowly driving me mad…

Are you aware that you have to bump the serial number upwards whenever you edit a zone file?

I was not aware of that but it could explain much, thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll google the rest.