binary not found on eclipse cdt

I’ve already installed the eclipse cdt,gcc g++, and gnu toolbox but when i tried to run program after i save and build the program it showed the message “launch fail. Binary not found”. Can you find the problem?

We are realy not clairvoyant. Thuis please provide your potential helpers with information like:

  • version of openSUSE used
  • details of involved packages when not from the standard repos (downloaded/installed fom where, etc.);
  • show what you did by copy/paste from the terminal window into the post (of course between CODE tags, it is the # button in the tool bar of the post editor);
  • anything else that you think might make it easy to help you.

People here are trying to help you in their spare time. Do not spoil their (and your) time by making them ask for basic information.

-Opensuse 13.1
-I downloaded the eclipse cdt from the website and gcc from opensuse 13.1 vendor repitories
-The main problem is in when i saw the project manager on eclipse, i didn’t see binaries! What should i do? I already build and save the program.