Big *Thank You* to the developers!

I’ve only been using openSUSE since 9.x. I had 10.1 prior to 11.2. I tried 11.1 and everything worked except for my soundcard. With 11.2, everything installed perfectly! That’s a huge testament to all the developers and testers out there. My hardware is 10 years old(!): ASUS dual Pentium III 350 Mhz processors, 256 MB RAM, Creative ViBRA 16 soundcard, U.S. Robotics modem, and your standard mix of IDE, SCSI, USB and PS2 ports with stuff attached.

It’s nice to be able to run the latest OS on such old hardware and /still/ have it quite usable! Kudos!


I agree with Linuxvinh. Well done to everyone concerned with this release.

I was going to tentatively upgrade my laptop to 11.2 and KDE4 but following the success of the install, I then upgraded my Desktop too. The download was the worst part and has nothing to do with SUSE or the development and test team, but my internet connection. Many attempts to bit-stream and direct download did not work so I performed a network install overnight instead (and this worked perfectly).

One worry though, was the first upgrade of the laptop which gave me the “Windows experience”. The keyboard, mouse, power monitor (laptop) and sound card did not work at all. I tried a “repair” from the boot CD but this made things worse and I apparently lost two of my volumes. I started the install again and things were superb. I assumed something in X had gone wrong. Overall, the installs were quick and efficient and the personalisation was really quick too. I like the way it is arranged so that once all the personalisation is performed you can just leave it to get on with it (and no re-boots every time new software is loaded). I did not need to use the /home backup I made prior to upgrading as everything was very delicately handled by the upgrade tool.

One quible though is the message “do not forget what you enter here” when creating in the root password. This wording seems a little weak for the importance of this particular password and newbies (as I was a few years ago) may overlook this message as being vitally important.

Boot time is reduced from 118 seconds to 58 seconds on the laptop which is really impressive.


Thank you, people. We do not only need the complaints and rants, stories like this are needed more than ever.