Big buttons on my screen

Dear all, I am looking for some big buttons that will cover all my screen.
I was thinking that If I can have like 9*9 large buttons in my screen so to click on them from a distance.

Once button can launch the vlc with a radio station as a parameter (so with that button I will be able to hear to the specific station)

In another button I can put konqueror to some live tv stream and so on.

Would it be possible to do that and that way convert my machine to a customized media platform?


Hello alaios,

Of course that’s possible.
How to do it depends on the desktop environment you use.

Try removing all unnecessary stuff like panels.
Then create application launcher(big buttons) and scale them up.
Give them the command that does the action you want.

Good luck!:wink:

I was thinking if I can have like an application which I can always close so to be able to work and convert it on demand to media station

Desktop configurations are user specific so you could have one user (maybe called media) that presents the media desktop and another user (you) that presents a normal working desktop. Log in as media and you have media log in as you to get work environment. You can switch users from one to the other using the switch user function in the leave menu item…

If you use KDE (you did not say???) You could do this with Activities. Setting up one activity for the ‘media’ look and another for the work look.