Beware - Firefox 71.0 may break extensions that write to local storage...

Now I have Firefox 71.0 working ( ) it appears to have a bug relating to saving data into local storage:

I noticed it with Brief (an RSS feed reader), but it seems to be affecting several extensions…

Looks like a fix is on the way…

As a general afterthought… :\

I can’t help but wonder if in the future Firefox is going to be slightly less stable with Mozilla’s decision to move to a rapid release cycle.

As is usually the case, likely “It Depends…”
It’s do-able but relies greatly on the expertise and effort by Project Management, and the steps outlined in the article sound reasonable.
No doubt, minimizing issues related to the accelerated cycle will require a tremendous effort focused on prevention, but done carefully and with care is probably possible.

I’d also expect that there will be differences between types of changes, primarily break/fix (including imperative security patches) and features.
Break/fix may or may not be affected if they are already give the highest priority and effort.
Features development may require modifications to accelerate their development, divide into smaller “sprints” (using one of those Agile terms) or risk extending to the next release cycle 4 weeks later. Or, maybe there will be internal attitudes of “It’ll happen when it happens, regardless of release deadlines”

In any case,
The world of technology is on an ever-accelerating curve so to remain competitive and relevant everyone must always be looking at ways to accelerate what they do. 4 weeks may even be considered “slow” by some Agile schools of thought which instead eliminate deadlines altogether in favor of weekly or better incremental releases which effectively puts parts of a project forever in “alpha or beta testing” mode.


Indeed, time will tell no doubt.

Fixed in Firefox => 71.0-4.1