between milestones (differences with ubuntu)

Hi. I was a ubuntu user and between the various milestones in ubuntu the package manager had a lot of updates so that every day I had something to do.
noW I have installed milestone 3 of suse and milestone 4 is approaching. but I don’t have any update of my pakages (well just 3 in a week). does this means that I have some repo not enabled (maybe I should enable the factory ones?) or that all the updates will be available the day that milestone 4 is released? Or maybe I will have to reinstall everything when milestone 4 is out because there is no update between milestones?

What were the ubuntu milestones called? Are they just snapshots from the factory for testing?

Between 11.2 milestones the factory updates the Factory Oss repo on roughly a weekly basis, when necessary. It seems that Factory Non-Oss repo is updated much less frequently. Apparently the 11.2 “update” isn’t used until close on final release.

You can get more info from here and from Factory News here. Those pages contain further links you can make use of.