Between a rock and a hard spot with PHP

Hi everyone. I need to write some PHP code for Kerberos V authentication. I already have PHP installed on openSUSE 11.1 via yast and have PHP, LDAP and other modules installed.

I see from the website that I need to recompile php using the Kerberos switch. I also cannot find in yast a module to load kerberos support for php.

My worry is that if I recompile PHP using the kerberos switch, I might accidentally blow away some other function in PHP that I was using.

So my question is, how do I recompile php with kerberos support and not kill any of my current functionality?


I would thought if you just wish to add a module, then the easiest would be to get the src.rpm and unpack then tweak the spec and rebuild.

Hi. Actually I don’t think that the kerberos support in php is a true module. According to the site you have to compile php with the kerberos switch.


Sorry technical wording was wrong that is all the spec file is doing I’m presuming you’re just passing a configure flag. Have a look at the spec you’ll see what I mean.