Betterbird - trying to run from flatpak

Anyone running Betterbird?
Have installed the flatpak, but it will not detect my currently installed Thunderbird…
Supposed to run as “betterbird -p” to detect the profile.
How do you do this when running a Flatpak?

See the README:

Here’s the default command line execution for Betterbird (BB), based on an install on TW with KDE (as Flatpak), and stable version of BB - might have to adjust the arch argument if not running on a x86_64 machine.

Simply add the “-p” argument.

user@name:~>  /usr/bin/flatpak  run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 --command=betterbird --file-forwarding eu.betterbird.Betterbird @@u %u @@

Yeah, nah, I’m confused…
If I use what you suggest, and add a -p to it, I get a dialogue up stating that I have 2 profiles:

Profile1 = default-default
Profile2 = default

BUT, if I run thunderbird -p I get:

Profie1 = JohnB

Not sure where to go from here…?
Can’t see anyway to figure out which is which, and can’t really afford to run them randomly, and maybe break something…


@hornetster have you installed flatseal, I suspect if you want to share profiles it can be configured there…

Yes, I’m using Betterbird from Betterbird: Downloads. From the Linux archive which downloads betterbird-115.7.0-bb23.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2. This extracts to a directory that contains the betterbird executable.

Yeah, think I may try that, as well…