Beta 2: network speed dropdowns? (ath5k)

Ok, I have no idea if this is beta2 related (bug) or just a coincidence. But ever since I installed it few days ago, I’m having network speed dropdowns. Anyone else with Beta2 noticing the same? Ath5k driver, wifi, router to inet speed 2MBit.

I’ve noticed this on two fronts: first, I constantly have internet radio turned on @128kbit, and I’ve noticed connection dropdowns ever since I installed beta. Also, network games and their udp traffic (Quake Wars for instance), connection stalls few times a minute, and my ping to servers I usually play at jumps from 70-90 to 300msec and above.

I also noticed many pages loading up for ages, but if it weren’t for those other problems I would not think anything of it.

This could all be just a coincidence. I’ve talked to my ISP but they don’t have any problems reported.

In case it is not, perhaps this warrants a bug report. I’ll also switch to madwifi and see if perhaps ath5k is to blame. Because, ath5k did not work for me on 11.0, but it does now on 11.1.

Anyone on beta 2 with ath5k driver experiencing the same?

I saw that on my laptop, Acer Aspire 5102WLMi, Atheros 5211, in beta 2 and RC 1 of Mandriva 2009.0. Watching network activity in gnome system monitor, the graph had a sine-wave-like component, swinging from 200 KB/s to about 120-140 KB/s. I checked because I listen to streaming radio and noticed the up-and-down in gkrellm. This was on rc5 and earlier of kernel 2.6.27. I went back to madwifi and network activity would peak and stay nearly flat throughout a download. On openSUSE beta 2, rc7-12 of kernel 2.6.27, i just downloaded pmagic and then puppy linux while streaming radio in Amarok2 to check, since nothing had caught my notice previously in gkrellm. Much flatter activity in KDE4 System Monitor. There was one drop where I lost my radio station, but this station goes down occasionally, disappearing from Shoutcast listings across different linuxes, different kernels, ndiswrapper or madwifi. ath5k seems to be improving, but it’s worth keeping madwifi .kmps current as long as madwifi’s work is available.

Sorry. By “much flatter” I mean that the download speed in my openSUSE beta 2 was mostly between 200 KB/s and 190 KB/s. Very brief dip to 170-180 a few times.

Yes, watching the system monitor, both in KDE4 and in GNOME, I can also see the dropdowns, but all the way down to zero, and that’s the problem. Just for the record, the signal strength does not change.

I wanted to use madwifi, but can’t seem to find a binary for 11.1, and compiling it fails with an error in call to a kernel function.

I need to try madwifi to be sure.

I’ve been using my wired broadband & yesterday found that the Factory server was extremely slow – probably tied to the massive power failure a couple days ago. I know it has set them back in releasing 11.1B3.

Anyway, I gave up on the server (cnx’d) and came back a few hours later & it was much faster, though still relatively slow. (although there is supposed to be an auto-mirror redirect; it didn’t seem to kick in)

It will get better until they release 11.1B3 and then it will load up once again as we all go to get the latest & greatest (meaning it will slow down). Many times it is faster to allow the mirrors to sync and get stuff from the mirrors.

Mirror List is a list of mirrors; try one or more out & see;)

Thanks for the advice, Snake, but mirrors are not the problem. General network traffic is, especially udp.


Problem solved.

Turns out it was ath5k after all. I managed to compile madwifi for 2.6.27 (madwifi 0.9.4 requires a patch, there’s a fix in their svn).

Everything works smoothly now, no dropouts.


I found that with my Athros AR5007 802.11 b/g, the best (and easiest) for me, was to rebuild (Index of /repositories/home:/schmolle1980/openSUSE_11.0/src) schmolle’s src rpm. I keep it stashed for my reinstalls.

I think I found that by searching webpin.