Beta 2: modem-manager tries to start all the time


That is, according to its --help output, a dbus service to communicate with modems. I have a laptop and with a winmodem, but I have no use of it. Since it’s a winmodem (with no drivers) I guess modem-manager is failing constantly.

The problem is with modem-manager logging every minute or so, in short bursts, that it is trying to start. I don’t know how to shut it down or where to configure it to stop starting. If I kill the process, it respawns. I never noticed it in 11.0, so I guess this is a 11.1 feature.

Any ideas? Is this a bug to be reported or a misconfiguration on my system?

If you had it turned on in BIOS during the install, it was most likely detected & set up.

Go to Yast > Network Device > Modem & delete it. Reboot.

If it persists, do a bug report & the Devs will help;)

Thanks for suggestion, but the thing is I have no devices in that list. So I guess I should file a bug report?

I would; at least they will give you some troubleshooting tips.

Good luck…

Just the same here (with 11.2 final).