Best wireless router?

I’ve been using linksys for years but their quality has dropped a lot in the past few years. I keep getting faulty routers and even the ones that work need to be restarted every 3-4 weeks as they suddenly stop passing connections through to the internet. I currently have the WRT310N.

What’s a great wireless (ideally G/N) router that is reliable?

I use a Belkin N+ router personally, love the fact that it uses GNU software and iptables for the firewall but like so many other routers today it almost seems required for a reboot. Other wards the speed and range of the router is great and has nice features but its prone for reboots.

What about a vpn one? They are becoming affordable.

I have the top of line Cisco simultaneous dual band router…it was expensive, but it’s great…around 200 bux US I believe…

What’s the model #?

My router finally crapped (would NOT connect no matter what I did) out so I put dd-wrt on it and so far it’s working beautifully. If it continues working without any problems, then I’m sticking with it.

this looks like it:

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