Best way to upgrade from 10.3 to SuSE 11.0

What is the best way to upgrade from my current SuSE 10.3 to ver 11.0?

Also is it worth it to go from 10.3 to 11.0?


By best way, I assume you mean upgrade versus a fresh install. If this is correct, there is not a clear answer. Upgrading means maintaining much of your configuration preferences and keeping your /home directory largely intact (still need to back up just in case all doesn’t go perfectly). However, if you plan to adopt KDE4 in 11.0 and you’ve been using KDE3 in 10.3, you won’t be using the same configurations as much as a KDE3 to KDE3 upgrade or a GNOME to GNOME upgrade. The other downside is that you *can potentially * create some quirks and problems by bringing baggage from one version to another. A clean install avoids this latter potential problem, but means more configuration in the new version.

As far as if it is worth it, this also depends on a lot of factors. First is how well 10.3 and 11.0 work for your particular hardware. If you have some issues in 10.3, they may be solved in 11.0. However, 11.0 may have issues tha didn’t exist in 10.3 for your hardware. It is best to check the bugzilla by running keyword searches on your hardware. My laptop, for instance, has a few problems that were not fixed during the beta cycle which make 10.3 a better choice than 11.0 for it. There are some definite improvements in 11.0 in speed and features, but only you can decide if they are worth living with any problems, if you discover there are problems for your hardware.

Next, you need to asses whether you want to use KDE4 vs. KDE3 or GNOME. If KDE4 is a possible reason for upgrading, then try it out using the live CD version to see if you like it. If you decide, as many have, that 4.0 is not workable for your needs, then you can either try to use 4.1 off the build service (4.1 is more full featured and configurable) or use the minor version upgrade of KDE 3.5.9. If you find problems for your hardware as well as the improvements of 11.0 generally, the difference for you on whether it is worth it to upgrade may rest in which desktop environment you like and the degree you see that as an overall improvement.

So, basically no one can give you a simple, clear answer. You will have to weigh both some of your preferences and how the two versions in their various permutations (e.g., KDE or GNOME, KDE 3 or 4) fit those preferences, as well as whether on your hardware there are any problems and how problematic those are relative to the enhancements that 11.0 offers.