best way to uninstall windows?

the repair option on the suse install disk doesn’t appear to be working, maybe because i installed video drivers from ati.

i am pretty sure the boot loader is on the windows partition.

i want to remove windows and free up much space for suse.

is it possible to boot from livecd and delete all partitions then format the whole hd?

I assume paulga was referring to Suse live CDs. Perhaps, perhaps not.
In addition to paulga’s idea, which should work well, you will be able to manipulate, delete or reformat (e.g. to ext3) the windows partition using the gparted Live CD.

Also, IIRC if you use the windows install CD, you can delete partitions as part of the install routine, than after the delete, you can quit the install (maybe).

Another idea: try failsafe boot and if you can get a GUI up you can use Yast’s partitioner to delete windows.

The best idea I think is to repair Suse and then delete windows with Yast’s partitioner. Then Suse understands and remembers the alterations to the partition structures and filesystems.

Just to emphasize: Suse will crack up when next it boots if you alter the partition table [away from what is recorded in the file system table located at /etc/fstab] while Suse is switched off, unless you are very careful.

thx swerdna. it worked. started yast then partitioner and deleted windows partitition and created linux partition. then from yast went to bootloader, deleted windows option and selected custom boot record ,to be safe, on a partitition that wasn’t changed.

I hadn’t thought of the “custom aspect”. Good idea.