Best way to access Exchange Server over Internet

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I am a returning Linux user after a 12-year hiatus, and finding out things are a lot different than before. Since that time, I’ve been a heavy Windows user and a somewhat advanced user (there). Hoping someone can help.

My primary personal email server is an Exchange Server v8.1. My provider has done a good job of exposing just about every technology available over the internet (POP, IMAP, RPC/HTTP, EAS, iPhone, OWA, OMA, did I miss any? :)). About the only complication is that these go over the internet. I do not have VPN, nor is my computer joined to the domain the server is on.

As basically a new Linux user, I’m on OpenSUSE 11.1, not married to a particular desktop environment (I use KDE right now), and have attempted setting up both KMail and Evolution. I of course can get email through IMAP, but I have not been successful getting any groupware functionality, and IMAP seems comparatively slow to what I was getting with Outlook with RPC/HTTP.

Can someone please tell me in this environment what the best bet is for getting most if not all of my server functionality? Any leads on setup would be most beneficial. With my limited knowledge of Linux I’ve tried setting up Evolution/Exchange, Evolution/MAPI, and KMail/Kontact/Korganizer through IMAP to no avail.

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Most of my work has been facing the opposite direction – giving Outlook users what they expect with an Opensource mail server! (We use Scalix.)

It’s my understanding that the Novell/Evolution people are furiously working on what you’re asking for. You can also take a look at this:

Adding Your Exchange Account to Evolution

Thanks for your response!

I think I did see that document before, but when I did get Evolution/Exchange to see my server it complained about the server version. Now in more recent builds it simply doesn’t see it at all. It does seem like Evolution has more of a migrating Outlook user focus than does KMail. I looked at the MAPI interface as well, but that seems to expect the machine to be on the same network as the server. (i.e. like using Outlook without RPC/HTTP).

I’m definitely not in a M/S loving way right now, but I have to admit when I’m back in the U.S. (I’m in Afghanistan right now), it’s nice to have my wife’s iPhone, my Windows Mobile device, Outlook at home, and OWA at work all working with the same mail/contacts/calendar.