Best video editor for Linux ?


Our local school is using OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 KDE on all its desktop clients.

I’m currently looking for a nice video editing solution for the school. Up until recently I’ve been using Openshot for editing my modest GoPro climbing videos. In the past the application was quite buggy and crash-prone, though with time I’ve found a few workarounds.

What’s your take on video editors for Linux ? I know there’s quite a lot of them. Kdenlive, Cinelerra, Flowblade, Shotcut, Pitivi, Olivevideoeditor, etc. Which one can you recommend ? I thought I’d rather ask before trying them all out.


I use kdenlive, (probably an overkill), for what limited video editing needs I have.

It’s fairly intuitive with not too steep a learning curve, well supported, and has decent documentation. Whether it’s the “best” is another matter…

I’ve used Kdenlive quite a bit. It didn’t crash that I can remember.

I’ve recently edited a short clip. Started with Openshot but ended up using Kdenlive although IINM it crashed once. It felt easier to use, specially when applying effects.

Both felt similar, so I’d suggest you experiment with both.

Didn’t try Pitivi.

Thanks for your input. I’ve installed Kdenlive on all the clients, and I’ll see where that goes.

Kdenlive for me is not very intuitive and complicated, I prefer Openshot, there was a software called Smile slideshow which in my opinion was very good, but has not been maintained for several years now

There is DaVinci Resolve missing in list.

I only edit simple videos like my dogs playing in the snow,
birds, bees and butterfly pollinating my flower garden during summer.

I use openshot.

In my opinion the best video editors are Adobe Premiere and After Effects