best responce from a voice activated automated service ever!

I hate these new automated services these big dumb evil greedy companies use these days, when you call to certain services sometimes you get that occasional automated services that uses your voice as opposed to key presses like a good automated service does.
Anyway I had to pay a bill today and the company behind it uses a voice activated service of course, so I get to the part where I have to say “pay my bill” then say my phone number (as this is for my cell phone service)
then it asks me my name and I give it and as usual these things being as stupid as they are tells me it didnt hear me.
So I say my name again, again it tells me it didnt hear my name.
I said my name three friggin times, and on the fourth time it said “I’m sorry I didnt hear that, could you repeat that for me”
I said “oh to he double hockey sticks with you”
Then to my compete surprise that is the one that worked and then it asked:
Could you spell that out for me?
Then I just broke out laughing, the way it asked me that just cracked me up.
Usually I hate these things but this is the first time one of these cracked me up like this rotfl!
I usually only have to say my name once maybe twice on these things before being asked to spell my name, but this time it just ticked me off, but soon after gave me one heck of a good laugh,

It was probably going to ask you to spell it out after 4 failures anyway.

true, but usually this one is alright and works a good percent of the time with me.
This is the first time its made me mad like this.

Next time just whistle like a modem at it and it will send a HTTP retry code. lol!

Maybe you have to say it in Spanish. OR add the sound of a cash register in the background and the voice recognition will push you through with a “this guy has money” flag. rotfl!

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 00:06:01 +0000, TaraIkeda wrote:

> Usually I hate these things but this is the first time one of these
> cracked me up like this rotfl!

LOL, that’s a good story…


Jim Henderson
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Only used an interactive, automated phone service once, and it worked quite well. Could be that companies install them to encourage bill payers to use direct debit instead, and the banks here want to get rid of payment by cheque so they can make even more profit.

If I do have to use an automated service with a hearing disability, I might introduce it to a pre-recorded message. That should keep it busy for a while… lol!.