Best place to post how-to's ?

Where’s the best place for me to post how-to’s?

In the OpenSuSE fora or the Wiki?

I looked around on the Wiki & wasn’t sure where to start.

My “groovy hack” today was to get VMWare Player to use loop devices in the stead of actual hard drives and/or partitions, thought it’d be good to share…

Post them in them to the Forum: Unreviewed How To and FAQ located at:

Unreviewed How To and FAQ

I have posted a few there myself and you will get a good review if it is of interest to others. And thank you for taking the time to post helpful information in the openSUSE forums.

Thank You,

Both is better
But for the forum, start here:
Unreviewed How To and FAQ


It is enshrined here.

Mount VMWare disk partitions

I’m afraid it’s a bit shoddy in terms of grammar & tech writing … I’m not accustomed to BBcode editing & got caught trying to do rev’s OL when the time limit caught me.

Assuming this is really worth sharing with the broader world… how would I go about putting it up on the wiki?


Help:Style - openSUSE
Portal:Wiki - openSUSE

Ask for advice here:
openSUSE Wiki Discussions
Also guides and advice there

And for those already using logical disk volumes in their VM’s:

30.7. Accessing data from a guest disk image

Mount LVM-based volumes from loopback full disk images | /dev/rant

Mounting LVM vmware disks | Callum Macdonald

And for the very brave, the old way of mounting partitioned loopback devices, using cylinder/sector offsets (!) in the mount command:

guide:mount_loopback [Open Source ™ Guides & Tutorials]

( there’s no school like the old school… )

Thank you. I think I need to stop posting, it’s 0200 here Eastern USA… I appreciate all the help.

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