Best media player

VLC plays about every format so why is it not default?

It’s not clear to me, but do you require help with something?

That’s because it uses all the non-oss codecs (ie restricted) to run :wink:

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dunno but at least it works out of the box with all formats. All others are not able to do such.:stuck_out_tongue:

mik334 wrote:
> dunno but at least it works out of the box with all formats. All others
> are not able to do such.

you missed what Malcolm was trying to tell you:

this is openSUSE, “open” as in born with open source software ONLY…

therefore, nothing that requires non-open source software works
“out-of-the-box”…not flash, not mp3, not etc etc etc

at least not until the non-open source (non-oss) software is
downloaded (separately, after installing the open source ONLY
openSUSE) …

so, what would be the point of making VLC default–as it is born not
working with all formats, just like all others available with openSUSE…

see now?

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After a little research around restricted formats etc., you’ll know why
certain things are not included in the default install.

Barry Nichols

Ah, the wise words of DenverD. You’d do well to listen to DenverD. As DenverD pointed out, openSUSE by definition, and for legal reasons does not include the restricted formats. Now if you add the packman repository and have the NON-OSS enabled then you can get VLC, mplayer, kaffeine, amarok, smplayer, xine, totem, and whatever else to play with the various codecs added since packman includes thse codecs and those packages.

I prefer amarok for most multimedia, and kaffeine for my video. But thats just me. I’d be especially happy if there was a multimedia player that combined amarok and kaffeine. But again, thats just me.