best machine requirement for 64 bit

Hello everyone I have an athlon x64 machine with 1.5 GB memory is that specs good enough to run a x64 bit operating system? i installed it ok, but have been having some issues watching or youtube, its speeds slows between pictures, when i maximize the screen it does not show any pictures, although i have unselected hardware acceleration and seems to work ok, except image legs at times, and my internet is good, so i don’t think that is the issue. any suggestions? i have had 32 bit installed before and image on videos from youtube and were great, so i’m not sure where the issue is? i know i can install 32 bit and be ok, but i want to be in the future with x64, and if not what would be the minimial and best specs to use x64? many thanks in advance!

Some _64 users when playing some flash have issues. Some have resolved it by un-installing libflashsupport.

Rather replace the 32bit flash-player by the 64bit that can be downloaded from Adobe. Just unpack it and copy it to /usr/lib64/browser-plugins
Officially it’s in alpha state but it works great.