Best linux Desktop for migrating Mac User ?

Hey , I have a little dilemma. My wife who has only used Mac over the years is finally giving in and is going to try opensuse on a new notebook we are going to purchase. My question is to all the Mac / linux users here , what would be the easiest desktop for a total linux noob coming from Mac OS X ? KDE , gnome, xfce ? Finding her way around , applications etc. I am really not sure. I want to keep the installation as lightweight as possible e.g. not installing a bunch of different desktops. I really do not have any preferences as to what desktop just what applications and navigation could be somewhat similar.

Any input or experiences would be helpful since I never used any type of mac os. And please no Flames here desktop X is better than Y :slight_smile:


Somewhat subjective. Many distros now come in live CDs. You can try a few of them out without installing on the hard drive.

xfce is small and very fast. Applications seem to launch instantly. After using kde for a long time, I now prefer xfce.

yeah I got xfce on my notebook , like it a lot . But in this case Iam just going to download the live cd iso boot them let her play around and choose . Silly me didnt even think of this before :slight_smile:

There’s more: I know from experience that it helps a lot if things have ‘the look’ of something people know. The Aurorae window decorator can do a Cupertino look. There’s also Bespin to get a more applified look.

Check out Mac4Lin.

Indeed, thats a good one for Mac users.
Overall Gnome might be a better for a Mac user, while KDE might be more suitable for a windows user.
Although personally I prefer Gnome at this current time overall.

If you go with gnome, try putting the gnome-do ‘docky’ theme on it as a substitute bottom panel. I think it’s quite OSX like, and it seems better than AWN (cos it works ;)) or Cairo (which, while admittedly I haven’t tried for ages, looked promising but in need of work) to me.

If you’re using Intel EXA graphics and have problems with Docky framerate, add

Option “MigrationHeuristic” “greedy”

to xorg.conf’s ‘Device’ section. Might even affect UXA too - probably no harm trying.

Cairo-dock is familiar to a mac user and also has a gnome-do
like plugin called 'scooby do.'It is very configurable and even comes with mac theme.
If you haven’t tried recently I suggest you do.