Best KDE 4 Application in Your Opinion?

So now that many of us are using the KDE 4 desktop for the first time, what application that runs under KDE 4, is the most useful program that you use? I would like to exclude Web Browsers, like Firefox (which is Very Useful indeed) and OpenOffice, both of which are great programs not directly written to work with just KDE 4.

As I value your opinion very much, please do not feel limited with your response and say what you wish.

It seems like I spend a lot of time getting openSUSE and KDE working just right with all multimedia working properly and never get out and find out just what else could be done under openSUSE and KDE 4. In my efforts to find that one great application I have never used before, I would ask the following information for the application you would recommend.

  1. Name Of Application (include the filename if different)
  2. What does the program propose to do? What is it purpose?
  3. How do you use the program and why is it so good?
  4. How can we load this application on our copy of KDE, if not already included by default? Include the software repository when required.
  5. What version of KDE are you using and do you know if it will work under 4.3.5 which I am using.

Thank you for all of your suggestions in advance! :slight_smile:

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James, I think there is a way to use openSUSE Forums to create a survey, but at any rate, I have to say as a former GNOME user, I am really impressed with KMail + KOrganizer so far, but I don’t know if that was changed significantly from KDE 3, since I didn’t use KDE 3.

Then again, I don’t know if you’re counting “built-in” apps like this in your survey.

I take all suggestions about KDE applications.

Further, if this thread should be a survey type thread, I am not sure how you would create such a thing here in the openSUSE forums. But send me in the right direction and I will give it a try. Since this is the Application section, it might be OK here to ask such a question.

As for KMAIL, I have been using Thunderbird, but I do think it was present with KDE 3. Have you compared it to any other mailing programs and why is it so good for you?

Thank You,

Some members just start a thread like yours in the Survey forum. Did you PM a moderator to move it, or do you need help with that? :\

Yes, I have. I am one of those geeks that actually works exclusively on an openSUSE laptop for his business, so email is probably the #1 critical app for me (no email, no money). I started out by using Thunderbird a couple of years ago and found that it was too cumbersome to integrate the calendar, tasks, etc. as well as archiving email (I have a LOT of email). Now - that was a number of years ago, so that may have improved since.

I then switched to Evolution, which is a good program, actually. I was running on openSUSE 11.1 with GNOME. When I switched to 11.2 with KDE, “they” completely messed up the icons in Evolution so I started looking for alternatives.

KMail has done a great job with their “thread-style” message lists (all emails in a thread show as one) and what I really like is that I can create a “to-do” in my calendar directly from an email with a simple right-click.

Also, it turned out that to switch from Evolution to KMail was a breeze: all my archived email moved over, as well as my contacts, etc.
I also found that the Google Calendar integration with KOrganizer is much better and stable than Evolution’s, which is how I can sync my calendar between laptop and Blackberry.

One downside of KMail is their “religious” approach to bottom-posting, so I have to scroll to the top of an email every time I want to start typing my reply. A simple option to switch that would be nice, especially since there is already an option to put the signature at the top. [top posting is the way it works in business emails, let’s just succumb to that]

Sorry - it’s a long post, but like I said, email is the #1 priority for my laptop.

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  1. Kate
  2. Editor
  3. It has the right amount of features :), for editing text and source. It is customizable. Comes with lots of predefined syntax highlighting files, plus you can write your own fairly easily. I wrote one for Asciidoc. It has one problem in KDE 4, it occasionally loses which plugins are installed, and the tab bar settings. But I think this mostly occurs if Kate is left open when the user logs off, so close Kate before logging off. The current version has a Vi input mode, so skills are transferable. I installed Kate even on Gnome rather than use gedit :wink: It is currently my favor GUI editor, and has been for awhile.
  4. In repository
  5. KDE 4.3.5

My traditional favorites have always been Amarok, K3b and Ktorrent…If you want to call Daisy Dock an app, that is on my short list too now.

The ones I use all the time:


The one I use the most and gets my vote: konsole


I use these pretty much on a daily basis.

Well this is a surprise to find so many posts to my request! Since this is Saturday I had several tasks to perform today and did not get back on-line until 10 PM CST. Thank you everyone for taking the time to post your opinions.

First to “consused” suggestion, “oldcpu” did move my post to the correct section for me. I never really thought of this as a poll, but I will next time. Thank for your help in doing that for me.

“opensuseforumorg42” likes KATE and so do I. It is number two on my list and oddly the way I have my KDE setup, I use KATE for all text writes which are not working with system files. It is the default text viewer in Dolphin. I use KWRITE for system files, but only because I run it only from the KDE menu and have it set to run as root, which allows editing of system files without getting any odd errors from the KDE 4 desktop.

“twelveeighty” had a very good description of why he likes KMAIL. It was good enough I am going to switch to it as soon as I can and try it out for my self. Thank you “twelveeighty” for your suggestions.

“joutlan” likes Amarok, k3b and Ktorrant. I do use Amarok (playing right now as we speak) and k3b beats all other CD/DVD writers I have worked with. I have not used Ktorrent and so I will give it a try. Thanks for your suggestions “joutlan”.

“caf4926” had a long list of KDE apps to suggest. I have not used Konversation, Kopete or Konsol as far as I know and will explore further at your suggestion. Thank you for your help.

“markeynt” has several suggestions as well and I have not used Kalarm or Konsole as I mentioned before. I will give them both a try. Thank you for your help as well.

I do have a problem with such odd names around here though using “oldcpu” might fit a few people I know. I guess I am not sure if I should address you with these name or not, but added suggestions in that area can not hurt.

Thank again for all of your suggestions and your help.

jdmcdaniel3;2143941"opensuseforumorg42" likes KATE and so do I. It is number two on my list and oddly the way I have my KDE setup, I use KATE for all text writes which are not working with system files. It is the default text viewer in Dolphin. I use KWRITE for system files, but only because I run it only from the KDE menu and have it set to run as root, which allows editing of system files without getting any odd errors from the KDE 4 desktop.

You can do the same with Kate. Hit ‘ALT+F2’ to bring up the run command, and enter ‘kdesu kate’. If Kate’s your preferred editor, why not go with that?

I prefer to use my mouse to run an application if I can. It is not a big deal to select Menu>Utilities>Editors>Kwrite to load up an editor set to run as root. The real question in my mind is why you get an error when you load a system text file to edit from Dolphin as Super User? It still works, but you can get one or two error messages. Since KWRITE navigates just fine through the file system, you don’t need to do so from Dolphin. This assumes you know where to look for a file in the first place, which I did not in the beginning. And while I get by well now, I sure do not claim to know where everything is you could edit needing to be root.

By the way, your suggestion to use “kdesu kate” does work like a champ and I shall remember that method. Thank you.

kdesu kate /path to file
kdesu kwrite

Use it all the time

Could you be experiencing this bug:

You might add a comment to the bug tracker.

The problem I have is I get the following error message when using Super User Dolphin, launching KWRITE to edit a system file:

Error launching /home/james/.local/share/applications/kde4-kwrite.desktop. Either KLauncher is not running anymore, or it failed to start the application.

Even as I get this error message, KWRITE still works just fine and allows you to edit and save the file as root. This error message was the same for me with the orginal KDE version and 4.3.5 and I even upgraded to KDE 4.4.1 and the problem was still present.

So, I went back to KDE 4.3.5 and set KWRITE to run as root and if I start it from the KDE menu, I get no error. Oddly, if I copy the KWRITE icon on to the desktop, I get the same error message as if run from Dolphin.

Since I have a workaround and more suggestions from here using the “kdesu program” from the Run Command, it is not a big problem for me, but still kind of odd.

It is useful to launch an editor for system files as root from a file manager when you are not familiar with the exact location of a file you need to edit. Going directly to the editor works fine when you know the location and the file name to edit.

Thank You,

That’s about my list, where konsole should be replaced by yakuake. After discovering kate, I hardly ever use kwrite anymore.

Thanks “Knurpht” for your input. It is kind of funny that I use the terminal mode all of the time yet I did not realize the program was called KONSOLE. But it stands to reason it would start with a “K” doesn’t it? As for “yakuake” that is a new find for me. Kind of neat you can just press F12, when setup to pop the terminal mode in and out at will, a very good suggestion.

While we are talking about the terminal mode, is there a way to cause the default font size to start off larger than the default. I can barely read it without stepping up a couple of notches? I don’t seem to have this issue in anything else.

Thank You,