Best DRM-Free Music Service

I would like to know your opinion of the best DRM-Free music service for buying and downloading MP3 music which is also Linux compatible.

Magnatune is okay, but there’s not much there. eMusic looks interesting.

Basically this is the next step in my Linux journey. I have moved away from Microsoft for mostly philosophical reasons and now I refused to feed the DRM monster.

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eMusic is great for Jazz, some classical, and lesser known rock artists. There are some notable exceptions to the “lesser known” label, but for the most part, you’re not gonna find U2 type artists there. I’ve been an eMusic member from near the beginning, and I like supporting them. They’ve got the right idea, and they give a lot of artists trying to get exposure a place to shine.

I also like Amazon’s music store. The prices seem to be sneaking higher and higher, but it’s good quality DRM-free music, and they have a nice selection.

As much as I applaud the iTunes Store for breaking down some barriers and showing the marketplace how to make downloadable music work, I don’t use it. I prefer mp3 as a format, not because it’s the absolute best, but because it works on anything, and I won’t buy any music that I can’t get in that format or flac. And of course, way too much of the content on the iTunes Store still has DRM, and I’m not buying any music with DRM. Period. Ever.

“…and I’m not buying any music with DRM. Period. Ever.”

I hear that.

I was at first delighted when Amazon let me download their 1-click player so I could get the album discount, but Suse 11 uses a newer version of Boom so it won’t install. Also, it seems like an unnecessary step, why not just let me add an album to my shopping cart and when I’m done shopping hit Buy/Download.

I keep coming back to eMusic. I may have to give that a try. I wouldn’t mind actually supporting bands that aren’t famous and whining about piracy from their mansion.

I wonder if you can get around the newer version of Boom by installing with a --no-deps to ignore dependency conflicts.

Hmmm. Certainly worth a try. Thanks.

eMusic gets my vote hands down.

They have very good tools to help you find new artists. I’ve been there for a few years now and along with…I have found numerous artists that I probably never would have found otherwise and that my collection would sorely miss were I to lose them.

eMusic also has a large selection and rates that are more affordable than other online shops, even after the discounts for getting the whole album.

In addition to the classical and jazz like kastorff said, eMusic also has a strong selection of electronic (from Justice to Thievery Corporation to The Prodigy to Moby and back), oldies pop/R&B (Brook Benton to Ray Charles to Aretha to Stax Records), so called tru hip-hop (old school to underground heavyweights to the Top 40 guys’ mixtapes) in addition to an underrated comedy collection (21 George Carlin albums?!?).

Also as more and more artists jump ship from the “Big” labels as their original contracts are fulfilled, they are releasing material either totally independently or through established indie labels…so increasing amounts of material from more well-known current day artists are appearing. For example, the latest Radiohead and Ray J albums are available on eMusic.

Hey, thanks. I guess I’m going over to eMusic and sign up. I appreciate the help.


Just be sure to check out the main page a few times. When you go the opening page sometimes they’re offering 50 free downloads to start othertimes it’s 25.

A great service either way, but something to look out for.

Otherwise if you like rock consider: Arcade Fire, Spoon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Broken Social Scence, and The New Pornographers.

I hope you enjoy eMusic!

P.S. You might want to PM Kastorff so he can reference you and get 50 free downloads himself! (this will also guarantee you get 50 free for yourself).

Thanks. This will go great with my new Sansa Clip.


OMG. I thought they would only have people I never heard of. There’s Jethro Tull, CCR, Santana, America, Canned Heat.

Yes, this is cool. You guys rock!


I know some are using this
Songbird Media Player

Thanks. That looks interesting. Definitely going to check it out.