benq g2222hdl monitor


Just bought the above monitor and tried it out with my version of suse 10.2. I comes up with monitor out of range. Ok I know the version is old :-). Does anyone know if this works ok in opensuse 11.3. There doesn’t appear to be much info on this.

thanks loads


Hmmm…10.2 is very old, so good advice is to upgrade to a current version. If you’ve just tried this monitor out with an existing installation, you’ll need to adjust /etc/X11/xorg.conf to cope with the new monitor. Boot up in runlevel 3 (text console mode), and login as root. Then type

sax2 -r

and follow any prompts.

Alternatively, this will attempt an automatic config,

sax2 -a

You should be able to redetect your graphics hardware and monitor that way. It will adjust xorg.conf as necessary. When done, start your desktop with

init 5

More sax2 options from man sax2


Thanks for that. I’ll try this out tonight. Probably go for the update though to v11.3


My memory on using sax2 is becoming hazy, (I haven’t used it for a couple of years and its now a deprecated tool), so you may find that your monitor model is not available, and that you need to select a generic model with the same resolution instead. With openSUSE 11.3, this detection is largely automatic (through EDID from monitor). However, I have noticed some models of BENQ monitors appear to be problematic here. (It depends on the graphics card and driver you’re using). If you upgrade to 11.3, you may find (if using NVIDIA or ATI) that you require the proprietary driver installed before your monitor will operate at the native display resolution. Post again if you have problems with this.