Bell on switching desktops

Hi everybody!
I wanted to know if it is possible to disable the bell sound when switching the desktops on a SUSE 11 with KDE 4.0. I’ve been searching but I still don’t find the way.

Thanks in advance!


I would imagine it’s Config Desktop

look for notifications

Yes, you’re right! Last time I was there, I didn’t find the way. With your inspiration, I came back to Configure Desktop and I found it. Here is the trick:
With openSuse 11 with KDE 4:
Start Menu → Configure Desktop → Notifications → System Notifications
Then, in the Applications tab, we must select the KDE Window Manager in the Event Source drop down list.
There, we can enable/disable all notifications (not only sound type notifications). e.g.: Change to desktop 1,2,etc.
And that’s all.
One more thing… When we press the Apply button, the changes seems to have no effects. But I had to restart the system, and then the sound of changing desktops have disappeared. I think that restarting the X server is enough.

ok, that’s all. Thanks a lot caf4926.