Belkin F5D7010 not working with 11.1

I tried to make this card work under 11.1. No luck, even with ndiswrapper. The card worked and still works with opensuse 10.1 and I used the same procedures to load it under 11.1. It shows up with the correct WEP key and the ip I wanted it to use but it is not connecting anywhere, even to a system within the same network domain that is my cable router. Would someone send step by step instructions on how they got it to work IF they have it working under 11.1?


I used to have that card, if I can remember correctly, that model could be any of about 4 chipsets, I had version 5100 and it was an Atheros and it worked for me in 11.1 You should use ndiswrapper as a last option if all else fails. Find out the version you have and post it and i’m sure someone can help you further.

there is revision 3001, v5100, v7xxx and I think more.