belkin 5070 not found by yast


I’ve got one of those Belkin usb adapters. it is working (under both Windows and a Linux life cd, Mint, I’ve been trying out).

However it is not recognized under OpenSuse 11. That means, it shows up under hardware, I can commandline scan for networks, iwconfig and ipconfig detects it and so on, but it does not show up in yast and is not used anywhere. I can even ifconfig wlan0 up it and it even seems to be connected to a network.

But I cannot ping nor use any other tcpip protocol.

Any ideas?

Now I even got it so far that KWifi will find it. Its activated and all green. But still I cannot anywhere →
access-point: not associated

Have you set the device up via YaST - network devices - network settings ? Have a peek at the stickies at the start of the wireless section,lots of useful info there