Behavior of shutdown -F


Does any one know if shutdown -F runs fsck on reboot in interactive mode or not? I am running SuSE 11.0.

I have not rebooted in a long time and I am getting a bunch of filesystem errors in the logs and I want to force a fsck on the disk. May be the disk itself is failing.
I threw away my monitor and only connect to it over ssh now. So ideally I want the “shutdown -F” to run fsck in non-interactive (automatic correction) mode. Is that possible?

Thanks for any help.

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AFAIK you can also create /forcefsck file by typing

touch /forcefsck

to force fsck at next reboot.

But I don’t know it it’s non-interactive. I only know this file will disappear once check is completed.

I’ve got remote headless server (SSH/VNC) and it never fails to reboot, as does my desktop machine, so I guess automatic checks are non-interactive. But it’s only a guess.
Maybe I just don’t have any errors :wink: Server survived many abnormal power failures/shutdowns (UPS is on the way :wink: ), so some filesytem errors should appear. Still, it’s not a proof. My system is EXT4.