Beginner questions

Hopefully nobody has posted this recently because I didn’t see it :). Anyways, I am a beginner at opensuse, linux in general really, and I need some help.

1). How do I find a package I installed? For example, I installed Pearl Audio Converter and Wine but I cannot seem to find them. I found them in the terminal but do they have a GUI format somewhere? Do you have to run all programs through the terminal?

2). Codecs are my second question. I have downloaded all Win32 codecs ,however banshee still refuses to play AAC format.

Any help is appreciated. Again, sorry if there is already a thread discussing these issues.

Your “Start” menu has a built-in search feature. When you install an app, you can look for it there.

I don’t have any AAC files, nor do I use Banshee. I’m all about Amarok on KDE, so I can’t help you there. However a quick Google search shows that Amarok with Xine should play them fine, where as other people couldn’t get Banshee to play them.

If i were to use Amarok would I have to switch my desktop from GNOME to KDE?

Nope. You can use GTK apps in KDE, and QT apps in Gnome just fine.

Personally, I think the KDE 3 desktop is nicer than Gnome, but to each their own.

I also found this online. This is in relation to 10.1, so it may be old info, but maybe not:

"Behind the scenes, Banshee uses Gstreamer play, encode, and decode Ogg Vorbis, MP3s, and most of it other supported audio formats. The major exception is Apple’s AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format. To play those, Banshee relies on RealNetworks Helix media framework to do the AAC decoding.

Since the AAC is a proprietary format, Helix includes a license for it. Because of this, you’ll need to agree to install this non-open-source based software. The relevant files are banshee-engine-helix-0.10.9-21.i586.rpm and helix-dbus-server-0.2.2-6.i586.rpm, which are available on SUSE 10.1 with the distribution’s useful Add-On, Non-OSS CD."

On the search not I tried that and wine does not show up anywhere nor does PACPL. But when I look in terminal for them they are there.

You need to make shortcuts for each wine app, such as a shortcut to launch Photoshop with wine. Wine doesn’t have an icon by default.

There may be a YaST module for Wine, but I don’t use it, so I’m not sure.

If I were interested in switching to KDE to check it out would I have to re-install opensuse?

Nope. You can have KDE 3, KDE 4, and Gnome all installed at once if you wanted.

Open up “Install Software”. Next, select “Patterns” and then KDE 3 Desktop. Install.

Log out, and there is an option for “Session” and select the KDE 3 session. Log into that and check it out. You can install some KDE 3 apps and check them out as well. Amarok is pretty incredible. I love k3b as well.

Log out, and you can log back into Gnome. Decide which you prefer.

Sorry to keep bugging you. I went to install software but no pattern section.

Not a problem. The installer may look a little different because it is the GTK-version of YaST as opposed to the QT-version of YaST. In the QT-version, there is a selection box, that when you click on it, it becomes a drop-down box. It may be on “Search” or “Repository” right now, but you should be able to select it and change it to “Patterns”.

I got KDE working and I like it alot better than gnome. However, in Gnome my external hard drive works and in KDE it doesn’t :(. Kept getting this error:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb2, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so

Not sure what that means.

If it mounts ok in Gnome, back up any required files. Then I would suggest you reformat this device. (You can do that via the yast partitioner tool). Is it formatted with FAT or NTFS filesystem?

I don’t mean to cut into the conversation, just wanted to answer your wine question from one of the previous posts. Wine is a terminal based program and really has no GUI to it, unless you install “Wine Doors,” which, if I remember correctly, is a Gnome based program, but should work as well in KDE3, but I would have to varify that. You can also make shortcuts for Wine, as Andrew said, and by default, a laucher for these “Wine-installed” Programs should be created in the application list under the heading: “Wine”. Hope that clears the Wine question you had up.


It is NTFS format. My main purpose for the drive is it contains all my mp3’s and pictures that I had in windows before I swapped over.

My concern was with Bit torrent it automatically used Wine to install. However, when I tried installing diablo 2 it wouldn’t run the .exe file. I tried re-starting and nothing so I thought there is a step I am missing somewhere.

This is not a beginner question. … or rather, it possibly will not have a beginner answer. I recommend you start a new thread, asking for help on this issue.