Begging for help

I am having the darnest time trying to install opensuse 11.1 on my laptop.
I am trying to install the OS on my hp nc6000 which had windows xp sp3, but I partioned the disk and currently does not have an OS installed at all.
Is it still possible to install the OS still? I have downloaded the ISO file from the website for an live cd-gnome and then burned the file on a cd-rom iso. Is there a step in between I should be taking? Anyway I put the disc in my laptop and it just loads to a black screen with a blinking white cursor can anyone help?

Do you actually have xp sp3 installed or not? You say so, then say

I partioned the disk and currently does not have an OS installed at all.

You should install xp first

You need the following to install suse

Re: the cd. It sounds like you didn’t burn it properly or it is a bad burn. Ideally you should install from the DVD, but if the cd is all you can manage - fine.

Put the cd in a running linux or xp machine - What do you see if you browse it. You should see files and folders. (NOT just one .iso file)

Burn cd and dvd as slow as possible.
If you don’t even get the green boot splash then you have certainly burned it incorrectly.
Obviously you need to have cd/dvd set as first boot device in BIOS

Surely the OP re partitioned because he did not want XP?
Before you got to the flashing white cursor, did you get any splash screens or options? I have had this problem, try using NOAPIC or APIC=OFF, or experimenting with these sort of boot options. If you can, check the MD5 sum of your download. As for partioning, you can do this during the install process. You could download “PartedMagic”, a live CD and have a peek at what your current HDD is up to, and delete all partitions if there are any, then openSuse can use it all when it comes to install time

Thanks, I will try both of these ideas, if needed re installing xp but again thanks

Wakou thanks so much, your idea worked