Begginer user and two problems

Hi, i have a two problems.

First is my printer.

OS: OpenSUSE 11.2
Printer: Canon PIXMA MP140
Cups installed, allowed in firewall.
My printer is shared by second computer in lan hosting on Windows XP.

I was here OpenPrinting | The Linux Foundation. I read there that my printer works with Canon-BJC-8200 driver so i downloaded file Canon-BJC-8200-bj8pa06n.upp.ppd and installed the printer.

While i trying to print test page i see message like printer is busy will retry in 30 seconds.

Second problem is sharing files in lan between Linux - WindowsXP.
I read an article in the web and i get it working… partially. Computer hosted on windows xp browse my shared files w/o any problem but… while i want to browse files shared by Windows i need to turn off my firewall.

For the 2nd question:
Sharing files between WinXP & Suse11.2 which parameters con? - openSUSE Forums

For the 1st:
How you install it?
In the CUPS interface, try to look at the top header, there it will show error if any. Some time it need you to copy files from the downloaded dir to /usr(can’t exactly remember) or something like that. You can read the install or readme file.

There wasn’t any install or readme file. What do u mean by CUPS interface? localhost:631 ?

Yup i mean localhost:631.
When you hit the print button for test page there, don’t minimize the page or loose attention from it. If there is any file missing it will show it in front of the status at top.

CanonPIXMA_MP140 “drukarka jest zajęta; ponowię próbę za 30 sekund…”

Opis: Canon BJC-8200 Foomatic/bj8pa06n.upp (recommended)
Producent i model: Canon BJC-8200 Foomatic/bj8pa06n.upp (recommended)
Stan drukarki: przetwarzanie, akceptowanie zadań, opublikowana.
URI urządzenia: parallel:/dev/lp0

What’s mean…

CanonPIXMA_MP140 “Printer is busy; will retry in 30 seconds”

Description: Canon BJC-8200 Foomatic/bj8pa06n.upp (recommended)
Location: #this field is empty
Producer and model: Canon BJC-8200 Foomatic/bj8pa06n.upp (recommended)
Printer condition: processing, tasks accepting, publishing.
Device URI: parallel:/dev/lp0

Next question, why there is “Device URI: parallel:/dev/lp0”? The printer is shared by second computer.

How you setup your printer through CUPS?
Did you follow the step by step instructions followed by another page?

If your printer is connected through network, when you are setting it up, you have to select it like this:](

Is this what you did?
Or you just add the parameters manually (Device URI: parallel:/dev/lp0).

OR any thing like this after the ‘Office’ text:](

I did it through Yast2

Yast -> Hardware -> Printers -> Add Printer -> Add new driver -> i was added Canon-BJC-8200-bj8pa06n.upp.ppd driver -> then ok, ok finish or something like that :wink:

parallel:/dev/lp0 was found automatically, i didn’t changed anything.

I tried to do it with CUPS interface but i don’t know what is my URI…

The URI is where the printer can be found.
Here is mine.

Device URI: hp:/usb/PSC_2100_Series?serial=MY35LF439P0F

Notice how that mine designates usb. That’s because I am using a usb connection. Naturally, you’d want to take my example and make it fit yours. Usb wont work for you, since your doing a networked printer.

Notice in mmarif4u last post, his URI shows socket:://
You would need to adjust that to fit your network.

I don’t understand.
I changed it to socket:// (second computer ip) and fist message on top is “Connecting with server at port 9100” after few seconds “Can not connect with printer, will retry in 30 seconds”

You may need the Turboprint driver to get this working:

ZEDOnet | TurboPrint Linux | TurboPrint - hiqh-quality Druckertreiber für Linux

Or try downloading drivers from Canon themselves.