Before I install..

Or rather after I have had no problems installing 11.3 on a new hard drive, :), can I simply mount the old one and copy libdvdcss to the same location on the new drive, or does it need to be “installed”?


Why not just get it from Packman, then it will be installed in the right place without any stuffing around.

Actually, libdvdcss comes from the videolan website. It is best to add this repository, down this file and then disable the videolan repository. Get everything else you need from Packman, but not this one file (libdvdcss).

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libdvdcss is not available on packman… You need to get it from the VLC repo… Do not add the VLC repo directly - since many packages in it might give you conflicts with the ones from packman and you might end up with some audio/video playback problems…

The best way is to download just the RPM or (depending on the architecture) and then install using rpm -Uvh libdvdcss-1.2.10-7.8.<ARCH>.rpm

The version I have came from videolan. I noticed some dependencies, so I guess I’ll have to look up and step through the original process. Or, maybe not.

EDIT: two messages popped up when I posted this. Both answered my question. Thanks!

Sorry, quite right it is the videolan repo. My bad.