Been gone a while

But now I’m back. Was homeless had no pc and now I see whoops what’s this about the proprietary amd video drivers?

Just got internet tonight and will find out what’s what eventually but the obvious question on my mind right now is is there any way to install it on the latest version of opensuse for my 7870 card?

Welcome back to openSUSE and to openSUSE forum.

I have no experience with the Radeon 7870 card nor for that matter any recent experience with AMD hardware. I do recall thou in the not too distance past there were problems with this AMD 7870 card and GNU/Linux.

For a while neither proprietary catalyst nor open source radeon driver worked. Then I think catalyst driver was made to work.

There is a bug thread here with some information:

I note in December last year one user reported they could get their PC (with openSUSE Tumbleweed) to boot KDE with the card , which makes me think some progress has been made with the radeon driver: - see post#160. Although apparently even though they can boot they still have problems with the card.

I do not know current status of catalyst driver with this card.