beclock and cube desktop no possible togeter

in my suse 12.3 with kde 4.10.2 and .1, desktop effect beclock, the best clock in the world:), works only in xrender mode, where cube desktop, the best effect in the world:), don’t works, and if I pass to opengl, cube desktop works and beclock not. This with nvidia driver and nouveau on nvidia board.
How can I have both effects working???

thanxalot, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

ACK. Use git version of beclock, it works with opengl in recent kde.

thank you, can I fount it in a opensuse repo???

if only someone built it :slight_smile:

ok, I’ll try to make package, but don’t promise

Index of /repositories/home:/kill_it:/branches:/KDE:/Extra

of course it may contain trojans, rootkits and can blow up your system

thankyou…, it works perfectly…, :), spassiba tovarish, when I pass from vladivostok you’ll have a couple of free beers, but don’t promise…:slight_smile:

I’ll give you back all the troians and rootkits, in the beers, when I’ll pass from vladivostok…

ciao, :slight_smile: pier