bbswitch module and newer kernels

Hello all!

I have some problems with the bbswitch module and running kernels from this repository: (this is on 13.1, btw)

Dkms is enabled and all, but it seems when i pull the bbswitch module it is compiled against an older kernel (3.11.*). Atm, i run 3.16.4-1. I dont remember how, but i got it working with kernel 3.16.3-1.

For the moment, i pulled the module from github and set it up to use dkms. But i’d prefer getting it to work with the package management system!

You can try the bbswitch from the Tumbleweed repository. See:

The bbswitch packages (and the Bumblebee repo) are available built against Kernel:stable as well, use this repo URL instead of the standard one:

Agreed. Missed that one.