BBC breaks get_iplayer but now fixed

The BBC changed the way the data feeds for iPlayer work, and this broke get_iplayer. A fixed version which uses the new data feeds is now available via openSuse 1-click Install.

  1. Click on “Downloads” at top left of this page.
  2. Select “Search for packages”.
  3. Type in “get_iplayer”.
  4. Note the “Show 1 Sub-Packages” link below the “get_iplayer” link. This is for the matching PVR.
  5. Click the yellow “get_iplayer” link
  6. Select your version - eg 31.1 or 31.2 - and click the “Show unstable packages”. You can ingnore this message.
  7. The get_iplayer version should be 2.90
  8. Click the “1 Click Install” link. You will be offered new repositories. I chose the Malcolm Lewis one.

The rest of the dialogue is standard and you should get any new dependencies as well. You will need to go back to stage 4 and get the PVR package if you want the GUI.

I did this today and it works fine.

Good luck and Happy Viewing :slight_smile:

On Sat 08 Nov 2014 04:56:01 PM CST, sid1950 wrote:

  • Click the “1 Click Install” link. You will be offered new
    repositories. I chose the Malcolm Lewis one.

Thanks for using my package :wink: They are still working on further
updates, so have been keeping an eye on it for new releases…

Cheers Malcolm °¿° LFCS, SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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Brilliant! Or at least I think it is…
Can you explain what to open and where to paste the program text that came through after clicking on Malcolm.
Sorry, but I know nothing about programming, relying on point & click. I know you guys frown on that but please help an old man desperate to record a few obscure radio shows…
Seriously: a blow-by-blow account of what to open, where to post it, etc, assuming that we know nothing about the process…would be real help!

Go to the link then just follow you nose. It ain’t programming it is web navigation. Find the one click link for the version of openSUSE you run and click it. That should install the package.

When I click on the “one-click install” link button, all that happens is that the following text is displayed. That’s why I was asking about cut & paste location for it. Is there some other setting I’m missing…?

<metapackage xmlns:os=“” xmlns=“”>
<repository recommended=“true”>
<repository recommended=“false”>
<summary>Test setup for 13.2</summary>
<description>This is really just a snapshot of Factory, but we need it to adapt the tools to later test and accept requests to it.</description>
<summary>Web based PVR Manager for get_iplayer</summary>
<description>The Worlds most insecure web-based PVR Manager and streaming proxy for get_iplayer
** WARNING ** Never run this in an untrusted environment or facing the internet</description>
</group> </metapackage>

Just to be clear: it doesn’t matter which version I click on ("Patrick’s, or Malcom’s, the main programme or the PVR) it always throws up that program text rather than “one-click installing”.

Oh hang on…if you click the “noarch” thing, it downloads. Then tells me Windows can’t open it because it’s a Linux file.
So…am I in an alternate universe? There is no homepage for SUSE to explain what it is.
Still, won’t be the first time to day the interweb has meade me feel stupid.
Any hints for Windows users welcome.

Ummmm This is a openSUSE program NOT a Windows program. You have to run it from openSUSE NOT windows.