Bay Trail C-State Bug - is it now fixed and in which kernel version/patch level?


Can someone point me to what version of the openSUSE kernel fixed the Baytrail C-State problem?

Basically I have around 500 units in the wild with J1900 processors and they will occasionally freeze randomly - sometimes after a week, sometimes after a month, and sometimes after 6 months. I get no syslog info to point me in the right direction, the logs just stop. Power is still on but the device can’t do anything.

I did some more investigation, and I believe I’m running into the Bay Trail C-State problem, so I’ll need to update all OSes in the wild, but I want to make sure I am not just reintroducing the same problem. I went through the kernel changelog in 5.3.18-59.37-default, but I can’t tell if any of the Bay Trail or C-state mentions fixed this problem (that people still currently run into apparently). I could build a new image and just add the " intel_idle.max_cstate=1" kernel parameter, but I’d like to find out first which kernel this was supposed to be fixed in, as I may have a newer build that already contains the fix.

Thanks for any help.

Ask developers about that by creating bug report. They may add needed patches to Leap 15.3 kernel (if it not done yet).

intel_idle.max_cstate=<n>” and “processor.max_cstate=<n>” are both Kernel Command Line options – <CPU Idle Time Management — The Linux Kernel documentation; –

  • Do you really have to build a new image to get this option into the systems you support or, can you simply add the option to the GRUB2 script on each system?

I could add it to GRUB but we try to avoid making one-off changes like that.