Battery Monitor not recognizing when plugged in

I’m using openSUSE 13.1 KDE on a Samsung Series 9 NP900x4C laptop (installed with the samsung module, and UEFI/secure boot OFF). When I plug in the battery, it does charge the battery and the battery monitor does show the % increasing **but **it never shows the icon for being plugged in and it says “discharging”. “Enable Power Management” is checked, but unchecking this doesn’t help. How can I get this to recognize when the laptop is plugged in?

unplugging does nothing (no change in icon, no sound)

plugging back in also does nothing.

I have exactly the same problem

I am also having this issue. Has a bug report been filed for this?

I have exactly the same problem on my laptop Samsung 530u - I am 99 percent sure that it only appeared after the last update (could it be related to the kernel version?). The whole power settings seems to be botched up - for example the laptop lid closing option for suspend does not work either. I had the same problem with Gnome, then reinstalled with KDE and the problem is pretty much the same - only in Gnome there was no manual option for suspending or hibernating. Also the laptop always goes into sleep mode after some time on AC and there seems to be no option in the power management to override it. Any help is appreciated=)

I have the same problem on my Toshiba Sattelite L50, I know that it is not hardware related because I have dual-boot, and it charges as expected in Windows, but not in openSUSE.

I realized that I only get this issue when the battery level drops below 10%.

Until 10%, I can plug in and it will charge.

When it falls below 10%, I will plug in and it will show “charging” for a few seconds, and it will say “discharging”

It is actually not discharging, it just runs on AC power and battery level stays the same.

It is not a kernel issue, I tried with kernel 3.16.7-default, kernel 3.16.7-desktop, kernel 4.0-default, kernel 4.0-desktop, all with the same result.