Battery monitor an MacBook Pro

Hi all,
I experience a strange behaviour of the battery monitor under kde-4.7 on my
MacBook Pro running opensuse-11.4:
Usually it works fine, but sometimes it shows rediculous values, the charge
value dropping from nearly full to next to nothing in a second, though the
system has enough power to run on for an hour without problem.
When the power adapter is plugged in this happens too. The power supply is
still working in these cases, I can tell this by the change removing it
Also the monitor sometimes claims the batttery is charged, though this is
not the case, typically at these two calues: 7% or 19%. The system is still
charging, I can tell this from experience since I use that system daily,
often whilst on the move.

Is that behaviour know ?
Anyone got an idea what might be the case ?
How I can fix it ?

Thanks, arkascha

Are you dual booting? if so, does it happen under os x too?

Does your machine behave weird in other ways described here: Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)