battery issues on Toshiba Portege R100, running openSuSE11


I have installed openSuSE on old but fine laptop i got my hands on. The best thing with R100 is that it’s really light and with the extra battery pack it has a great runtime. Or at least it used to have…

I have experienced some minor problems with power management so far (like suspend, fn-keys…) but managed to solve them. One thing that troubles me is that I can’t see info on individual batteries within gnome-power-management, and the battery life is a total of 2,5 h which is much less than what it used to be… The fact that it takes forever to charge the batteries is also suspicious I think.

Any comments or suggestions?


I found this old thread of mine during a search and I thought I could pretty much use the same thread for my question…
I have the latest edition of suse now, which actually shows the individual batteries, which is really nice. One thing I have encounter however is that after a prolonged period (about a day) in sleep mode (suspend to ram, is the accurate term i guess) when I start the machine it tells me that the batteries are critically low and it tries to do a suspend to disk, however the batteries are almost fully charged. When I attach the charging device it takes about 20 mins to charge the batteries…

As I use this ultraportable laptop often, sleep mode is an important feature to me, in other words i need the responsiveness, suspend to disk kils it… :S

Any tips?