Battery icon on taskbar issue

As far as I can remember this has happened to me throughout all the openSUSE 12 series (and probably even 11.4, but I can’t 100% remember) and 13.1 as well, on both KDE and GNOME.

It happens if I let the battery reach 100% charge and then unplug. But fixes by rebooting.
SUSE Paste
And it’s a bit strange. Some time ago % went down to 60%, not 40… Though it doesn’t happen if I unplug at, say, 99%.
Laptop is Dell Inspiron 1520.
On a side note, the time remaining lecture is seemingly not an issue, that’s what it’s normally used to read.

Any ideas?
Thanks beforehand.

F style wrote:

> Any ideas?

But I can confirm, at least on my Asus eeepc it sometimes spacks out
and it’s something to do with the unplugging of the power. But in my
case. I leave my eee connected on charge (in suspend) and then unplug
it to take it around the house. Sometimes, when I open it up I get a
notification that battery is critical and it Hibernates. So I disabled
all battery power features for now.

My Lenovo however is just fine. Never even twitches.