Bass Management with Pulseaudio 5.1 small speakers

Hi again folks!

I d like to ask a question today about if there is a way to make bass management now with pulseaudio system on opensuse 12.1…

I have a 5.1 speaker system here connected to an old but good SoundBlaster Audigy platinum and as you can understand the satellite speakers need the low frequencies under at least 120Hz to be sent directly to Subwoofer in order to be heard cause they can’t reproduce them…

In Windoze this task is pretty easy with a small app provided by creative where you can use it as a software crossover filter and reroute all the frequencies under 150Hz let’s say from all the channels to subwoofer channel.

I see now pulseaudio handles multichannel streams correctly I tested it with an HD video sample with DTS 5.1 sound and worked correctly when selected the 5.1 device under the vlc sound menu and of course I have the 5.1 output+stereo input profile selected at phonon interface.

So is there a way, a plugin maybe, for pulseaudio or alsa straight away for this task to take place??

There is no specific app that I know of.

There is a pulse audio equalizer app on Packman: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket pulseaudio-equalizer