Basics, Linux Syntax, Yast App

Hi, I’ve been thrown it at the deep end with Linux and I’m trying to understand the basics. For example how to use the Yast app without breaking anything.
Also can someone recommend a document that explains the Syntax used for Suse Linux. For example I know the command zypper up, but a lot of people her use zypper dup and I’d like to know what the difference is.

For syntax, try:

man zypper

But it is a complex command, so not easy to read the man page.

Here’s a rough idea of the difference:

zypper up

A distribution starts with a set of software, usually in the form of packages. But, over time, some software needs to be update, usually to fix bugs.

When you use zypper up the package versions are checked against what is in the repo, and updated a higher version if one is available.

zypper dup

With a rolling distribution, such as Tumbleweed, the whole set of software might be changed, with some software removed and replace by an alternative. This is what zypper dup attempts to manage.

I hope that helps.

Thank you! I guess that I have no rolling distribution then. For about a week I had an update error that Herebster0815 was out of date or a broken mirror. This morning I ran the YaST app and it did some updates and then I run zypper up and the error was gone. Which is great, but I have not really an idea why.

If you run openSUSE LEAP 15.4, then that is NOT a rolling release. In this case you use zupper dup ONLY in special cases (and a normal update e.g. once a week is NOT a special case).

If you run openSUSE Tumbleweed, then that is a rolling release. In this case you ONLY run zypper dup to keep your system up-to-date.

And YaST is not an “app”, is is the system management tool of openSUSE and you can do many things with it to manage your system. What you apparently did is use some part of YaST: Software Management. I have no idea what you did with “did some updates”. You can do the same as zypper up with YaST > Software Management by choosing Repositories from the View menu (top left), then having it on @System in the left list, go somewhere in the right list (that then shows all packages installed on the system), do a right click to get a menu where you move to All in This List and then choose from the sub-menu Update if a newer version available. Some do it like that, some think it is easier to run zypper up.

Thank you for that! Yes I’m quite sure it’s SUSE LEAP 15.4 what’s been installed.
Using YaST I got to Software Management and the downloads started straight away, without me doing anything. Afterwards the Zypper Up command executed without error. But thank you for explaining how the YaST Management tool is used. I’m sure I will need that in the future.

Note that zypper is a command line program and YaST is a gui program; they are complementary and you cannot run them both at the same time because they use the same underlying programs for some operations.

Thank you for that John Hudson

manpages will be your best friend ever. As a Linux user for 11 years, I still use them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, I keep that in mind