basic question Routing/shapping traffic through different IP?

Hi everyone there in the forums! what I need to do is very simple . I want to use the IP of android phone of the 3g connection, but route the traffic through my ISP, so I will not spend all my data of my cell phone carrier. Is that possibe? I want to be seen from the outside as I was using the 3g carrier IP but instead really be using the ISP to transmit the data. For security reasons since the carrier IP is dynamic.

No. While on your side you can do anything, replies will go to your 3G address, so over your carrier network. Although likely such packets may be filtered out by your ISP already as “martian” (with wrong source).

If you’re looking to hide or mislead your IP address, take a look at Kali or search for black hacking tools (Won’t discuss any specific tools here).