Basic Kde install

Seeing as openSUSE 12.3 is around the corner,and I love my Kde,I would like your opinion or advice on how to do a minimal basic install of Kde,cause I like to install my own preferred software packages!I usually unmark the packages on preinstall(from DVD or Netinstall)but this solution sometimes removes some lowlevel system stuff,that’s why I ask if there is another way of doing a basic install(a terminal command or something of this type)!Thanks:)

First you have to define what a “minimal basic” install of KDE is, because there is not such a thing IMHO at the moment.

But to be practical, you could use e.g. the network way of upgrading your system to openSUSE 12.3 (the one where you change your OSS, non-OSS and the both Update repos to the new URLs, and remove other repos for the moment and then do zypper dup, search for a more deatailed description when needed). Then it will not install new packages that you seem to see as outside of “minimal and basic KDE”. It will only install new versions of what you have and eventual new dependensies of them.

In YaST installer you may switch to “patterns” mode which shows stuff like “KDE4 Base System”. You should probably retain most of stuff from this “pattern” and choose required stuff alone from “KDE4 Desktop Environment” patter. Do backup your data before installing anything. :wink:

Thanks guys!:slight_smile: