Bash syntax

Is there any syntax analyzer for bash script.

In /etc/profile.local I source two files. One for exporting environment variables, the other one for exporting functions.
It seems that there is a problem with one function.
This function does not appear offending when some script is run from command line. All of the 78 functions are sourced from the file.
This function appear to be offending when some script is started from shortcut on user’s desktop. Only the first two functions (from 78 ) are sourced from the file. Removing the third one prevent problem, but that function is not available.

I would like to dig further.

Any help is welcome.

I found the discussion over at stackoverflow about syntax-checking shell scripts informative. Maybe you can try what’s recommended there on your script. Cheers!

Thank you very much. :good:

At the bottom of my Wiki page for really, really basic BASH for beginners,
I provide a link to Shell Check, an online lint tool.