Bash Script+Rug


I’m writing a bash script that downloads some rpms, install them all, and then plays a .wav file that is included with Open Office (so everyone that gets the bash will have the file).

The problems I’m having are the installing and playing the .wav file. Here is what I have for the install part:

rug in ~/libFLAC8-1.2.1-41.1.i586.rpm

It’s like that for all 15 of the rpms. Except when I run it it always asks Proceed with Transaction? y/N

I tried adding y to the script but that doesn’t work.

And I want it to play the .wav file when it’s finished.

The man page for rug says:

-y, --no-confirmation - Do not prompt for confirmation.

So just do rug -y in blahblah.rpm

Thanks alot!! I found out how to play a wav file. It’s play blah.wav. And it’s: rug in -y blah.rpm

not: rug -y in blah.rpm

again thank you!!

Ah yes of course, the -y is an install option, not a global option.