Bash - converting text to libre office calc

For my scanvirus bash code, I have a scanlog output based on a scanlog format string. I need convert an existing scanlog to calc format. Also, I need to make a new calc sheet and add scanlog entries.

I need to know where to start learning how to format the Libre Office - Calc files.

Scan Log Format (cfg file)
%o OS Type %s Virus Status
%f Scan Folder %n Scan Time
%c Command Options %t Time Stamp
%d Date Stamp %p Partition Log/Excluded Scan Folders
%w Watermark %% Print %
ScanLogFormat= %o %s %f %n %c %t %d %p

Title line
field names
scanlog entries.


… Virus Scan Log …

Scanlogs Cleaned 05:42:10pm 2020-12-20
linux clean / 6h:1m:26s hcup 11:44:04pm 2020-12-20 {.snapshots|var|usr/local|tmp|srv|root|opt|home|boot/grub2/x86_64-efi|boot/grub2/i386-pc|boot/efi|dev|proc|sys|run}
Scanlogs Cleaned 10:31:59pm 2020-12-30
linux clean / 1h:34m:51s cu 06:28:51pm 2021-01-01 {.snapshots|var|usr/local|tmp|srv|root|opt|home|boot/grub2/x

LibreOffice is using Open Document Format, its full specification is available, it is XML based. But what is wrong with using CSV format?

Also, I’m a beginner in learning how to set column widths in libre office GUI. I’m doing an import text and then trying to change column widths.

Slow down. First, ODF is a libre office text document format, not libre office calc format. ??

I understand xml format somewhat. CSV format i’m looking up now. I need some examples using what I have shown here. There is import text file function in libre office calc, but the text isn’t formatted

Using bash to write a CSV data file to get the libre office calc sheet to come out formatted.

Output in libre office calc format
2 title bars (large columns)
data sets (set the column width for each fields)
read data (basic bash functions)

I can write a script to create a CSV file that creates a basic calc file that I can add lines as scans are completed.

Two title bars: large
many scan data columns of different sizes

Need help.