Bash can't find Swiftweasel executable..but it's right there


I was trying to get Swiftweasel for my AMD64 system to work, so I downloaded the following package: swiftweasel-3.5.2_amd-pgo_x86_64-arch.tar.gz

The idea is to just unpack, cd into the directory and run ‘./swiftweasel’. All fine, but the swiftweasel script says that it can’t find the ‘swiftweasel-bin’ binary… although it’s right there next to it in the folder.

Bash also fails to locate the binary when I try to run it directly. Here: luuk@Linux-OpenSuse:~> swiftweasel
the settings directory exists
/usr/local/swiftweasel/ line 143: /usr/local/swiftweasel/swiftweasel-bin: No such file or directory

I have never seen this before.
What could be the problem?

you need to either copy swiftweasel-bin to /usr/local/bin or adjust the bash script to look in the same place where it is located itself

I think the script actually works out where it lives and uses that as the base directory for real binary, look at the path above.

@Tails9: try running the real binary directly to debug the problem, just do:


Is it still missing? Does it have the right permissions? Any error messages when you try to run it directly?