Bash auto completion question

I installed openSUSE 13.2 in two machines and I always use the nvidia proprietary driver for the video cards.
I noticed, when I attempted to run the nvidia .run file and hit the TAB key I can only hear the bip sound from the machine and no auto-completion.
However if I type

/bin/bash sh NVIDIA and hit the tab KEY it works.

First thing, that script is not bash it is a POSIX sh script. ie the shebang is



#!/usr/bin/env sh

You can chek it by:

head -n1 myscript

So either run it with

bash myscript 


sh myscript

However you only need that if the script is not executable.

Second because the NVIDIA script is not in your PATH tab completion could not find it.
try this for the completion.

./NV + <TAB>

provided that script is in the same directory you are in. NOTE the leading ./ before the

Hi thanks for your reply,
With the previous openSUSE versions, since I started using nvidia cards
I just run sh NVIDIA and hit TAB in init 3 in the directory where I dump the file and it works.

Not sure what change in the completion part of bash in 13.2