basefont tag in firefox

This may (or may not) duplicate yester64’s post but I’m trying to learn html and I’ve been going crazy with the <basefont /> tag. KompoZer, Opera, and Firefox all ignore it. However, any <font /> tag I use works with no problems

What’s really maddening is that I copied the file to the windows side and IE works wonderfully with the same file although Firefox still ignores it!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I keep windows around for One and only one program - tomtom.

I could use a little help here. I would cry at mozilla except that the same problem is occuring in those other non-mozilla programs.


This is a ie only command. Does not follow standards

HTML basefont tag

That’s curious. According to w3c:


“Depreciated MAY become obsolete in the future, but browsers should continue to support depreciated elements for backwards compatibility.”

Oh,well. Live and learn. Thanks for the answer.